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Site Revival Goes On: March 2020 Update

It’s time for my update website revival. A quieter month! 😀 Sorry but with that COVID thing, I got a bit preoccupied. Traffic Traffic dropped since February a little bit because the big boost in January finally ended. But it has held steady at just under 9K pgs for the month. I’ve not added much content in February,… Read More »

Site Revival Goes On: February 2020 Update

It’s time for my update website revival. A quieter month! 😀 Traffic After reaching 10K pageviews in January, we fluctuated between 10K and 11K for the past 30 days. Of course, February is 2 days shorter, so we reached about 8.9K pageviews. Still up on 12 months ago by 250%! Income February’s income also dropped slightly, due to… Read More »

Did Google close Adsense accounts to make their numbers for 2012 2Q results? You decide…

I just came across this interesting article from Spencer Haws @ It’s always tempting to believe conspiracy theories! They always have a certain amount of ability to explain things… So I was a little skeptical about the Adsense conspiracy theory myself. I ran some back of the envelope calculations… Whoa! Can you correlate? Let’s correlate the data with… Read More »

Coffee Website Revival Part 1: October 2019 Update

So the website/blog on coffee that I started many years ago is slowly reviving. But Google is as fickle as ever. I managed to work the content organization finally on WordPress. The categories with my theme are just awful. So I co-opted the pages and made new silos under pages. I highly recommend Site Origin Builder It really… Read More »

How To Create Multiple Streams of Income

Do you need to know how to create multiple streams of income so you can ensure that you will always have cash flowing in. The future isn’t always easy to predict. Companies, and even entire industries, that were once thriving have crumpled in a matter of years. Markets can change and investments that seem sound can fall through. Because… Read More »