Testimonial: InvestorBlogger Dot Com – interesting, informative site that offers realistic advice

I stumbled onto Investor Blogger the other day while researching some investments I’ve been thinking about. I never did finish what I’d intended to do because this website grabbed my attention and kept it! The first page I came across was Asus Eee PC News that introduced the new Asus Eee 900 PC. I’ve been looking for a laptop so I read the article and began browsing the index and clicking on the categories there.

The first that I clicked, of course, was Making Money. What a treasure trove! There were links to some very fine writings on finance, business and investing as well as articles by the blogger himself on a variety of business concerns. The business tips weren’t the same old run-of-the-mill unrealistic words aimed at big business but good, solid advice that the small business owner can use. The writing was relaxed and casual, almost as if you were sitting down and talking face to face, a welcome change from the formality of most sites dealing with investments and financial matters. I’ll be going back to that category frequently; you can find it in the money making section.

Next up was the NewsBites section at . This was another fine page full of the latest news dealing with the economy, finding markets for your products, ideas for improving your business and making money. I particularly liked the article that addressed how to survive and thrive during the recession we’re in and got a few good ideas for my own business.

Then it was time for something a bit lighter. I’d spent the better part of the evening reading some fine articles and following the links to fascinating financial information so it was time a change. I clicked on the Little Pleasures category and was greeted with not only an amusing clip from a popular movie but a truly magnificent photo of the Tamsui river in Taiwan that rivals anything you could find in a commercial photographer’s portfolio. There was an article about tea shops competing with Starbucks and accompanied by a video clip, a review of a Sony MP3 player and an account of a visit to San Francisco complete with photos. What a great way to add a little beauty and humor to the dour subjects of money and finance!

InvestorBlogger is an interesting, informative site that offers realisticadvice and a wealth of resources not only for investors but for anyone who wants to manage their finances intelligently. My only real gripe about the InvestorBlogger was the pop-up ad on the first page but it was a minor irritation and after all, someone has to pay the bills!

By Anuj.

Anuj, Thanks for your testimonial. I did remove the popup on the front page. It wasn’t worth the hit on the server or the irritation of my readers.