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Why Successful Stock Trading?

How’s your stock trading doing? Have you been successful in the past ten years? Or has your 401K or personal investing account been sucked dry the gyrations of the stockmarket over the past few years? Are you looking to get started with your first time investments? Or are you now dipping your toes back in trading because you… Read More »

Keeping a track of your expenses: using Google Docs

When we were away on our travels, we really had a good time, and we found that Taiwan is really a place for enjoying yourself. For better or worse, we used our credit cards to pay the hotel fees. It was just so much more convenient and we’ll earn the points. But I failed to have a great… Read More »

Five Stories for the First Week of September 2008

In the new month, we’ve been quite busy on new posts, so Dollar Traveler has been much more active than Blogging Travails. I’ll try to pick some of the best posts: in all, there were over 15 posts this week. In blogging, the big news was the launch of Chrome from Google as a fairly polished and minimalist… Read More »

Top Stories for this Week: Last Week of August 2008

This was a busy week. But I’ll try to pick some of the best posts: in all, there were over 15 posts this week, though some of them were Twitter updates. In blogging, we looked at five new plugins that you might want to try out on your blog. Then we looked at a new series called DEAD… Read More »

Top Twenty Feeds Download Page – Free Downloads!

What are the top make money bloggers doing to make those multi-thousand dollar incomes? What is John Chow doing? How does Shoemoney earn those ‘big’ royalty checks? Why is Zac Johnson coining it? How does the Dividend Guy get those dividend checks? This download is a simple OPML file that I have collected and edited. It’s only 20… Read More »

Saturday’s News: Payperpost Campaigns, FaceBook, Forbes and NT$

This week’s been quite an odd week for InvestorBlogger (and me!). It started off with me sitting under an A/C on a cold evening after an unusually warm day. Of course, the next day, I started to feel ‘blah!’… turns out I had probably a viral infection! That has kept me hacking away like a 20-a-day smoker over… Read More »

‘Free Money’: What do you do with it?

If you like this blog, why not subscribe to this RSS feed. Or get our free email updates. It’s tax season in many countries in the world: U.S., UK, and here in Taiwan, too. It’s time to pony up our share of our ill~ (well?!) gotten gains for the previous fiscal year, and that got me started thinking… Read More »

One Degree More

Jonathan Jordan, a bio of a coach, has created a new website to provide a vehicle for coaching in personal lives and in business life. I like the metaphor that he uses: Applying just one extra degree of temperature to water means the difference between something that is simply very hot and something that generates enough force to power… Read More »