Buzz: NickQueen’s Personal Blog – Wide Ranging and Informed!


Buzz #6 is around in this month’s special promotion! I’m enjoying reading these great blogs that I come across, and this one is no exception.

It’s called and can be found at NickQueen’s blog is very much a personal blog with a wide range of topics. A quick gander down the topics list encounters almost 40 different categories! I noticed that in recent days he tends to be posting more political stuff here, here and here .

I like the attractive colors, the addition of the cross at the top, and the pleasing layout. I also like the effect on the name very much!

But I do have one suggestion that is quite simple to make, but may cause some confusion in the short term! If you could, you should think about changing your post titles from the post number to something more search engine friendly! Eg. your post for this is, but it could be more appropriately named using a post slug! You’d need to configure the options in WordPress in Options >>> Permalinks, to do this! It’s easy enough to do, but it will change your addresses for your posts!


Of course, if you do change the permalinks, you may have problems with anyone looking for the location of old posts. But for the first time, if you are going to change the naming conventions from the default to a new type, all the posts should be found by numbers alone, even on my blog! You can try the numbers to see what happens! Try these numbers, after the address in the bar: ( ###). Change ### to any number between 1 and 750. Try 767 and 723, for starters.

You’ll see that change still works! Subsequent changes may cause additional problems, though… So be cautious if you decide to change! Good luck on the blog! I now check it out every day for interesting stuff! And thanks!

If you’d like a little buzz, go here and follow the instructions, then drop me a note to let me know it’s done!

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