June Buzzes: Get your blog a little buzz!

Thanks for everyone who entered this little ‘buzz’ promotion! I’m re-running this buzz competition for June, entries accepted now!

As a thank you to my blog visitors (who have their own blogs) over the next few months I’ll be doing a series of buzz postings to highlight interesting blogs. It’s a kind of linkbait. To see what kind of posting that I do, you can take a look at a recent blog that I ‘buzzed’. Skeet’s Stuff which you can see ‘buzzed here’. If you would like your blog to get a buzz, it’s quite simple…

  1. Write a comment on any post on InvestorBlogger.com;
  2. Fave me on Technorati
  3. Your choice of …

Either Create a link on your website to my website, like a blogroll link or a link in any post at the top or the bottom of the post. The link can be really anywhere – no need to write a whole post for this;

or just post an announcement of THIS competition on your blog …

Once you’re done with all three items, complete the form on this page or post a ‘task completed’ comment on this thread, and I’ll get to work.Please note that I’m limited in how many ‘buzzes’ I can do in a week (about four or five); so it may be some time before your blog appears, if there is a rush of orders! I’ll try to let you know when it is expected. Do join soon, because this promotion can’t last forever! Can it? Best Wishes

Please use this form to contact me about the promotion. Replies will normally be made within 24-48 hours. As such, please allow such time before contact me again.


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