Buzz: Inner8 – Can you be one of the Inner 8?

It’s the holy grail of the Internet these days: the social ‘net. Every major industry has joined, and now it’s the turn of the investing fraternity to get the kind of social feature set now found in Facebook, MySpace and much more. Inner8 seeks to provide a similar social service for investors. InvestorBlogger, as one of the earliest members to join SocialSpark in the pre-launch period, is delighted to be one of the first to review this social service.


True to form, you will find all the social bells and whistles you need for this online investors’ community called Inner 8 which seeks to bring investors of all kinds together under the following statement “Inner8 technology gives you the best, personalized ideas, and lets you keep the savings“. Given the background of the owners of Inner8, this site should not be underestimated as it tries to bind investors with complex data analysis.

The deal for investors though is quite simple: you connect with investors from a wide range of backgrounds as you all seek to make money trading online, whether it is stocks, bonds, or whatever. There are several pages in which you can interact: Tools and Community.

The tools page is worth playing with: you can simply tweak the controls at the bottom to show what kind of market segments you are interested in, then you will see the results on the right.

scenario explorer

The community page is also worth a look to find people online who are investing. There are similar slider controls that you can play with as you search for members to form your community.

Both tools and community pages are works-in-progress as the range of tools are limited, as is the size of the community. But one thing is sure: if Inner8 sticks around long enough, they will be able to develop a focused and passionate group of users. The tools are innovative and promising, as is the community. I’ve already joined, and have filled in a bit of my profile.