September 2008 Income Statements

In previous issues of InvestorBlogger Dot Com, I published a combined income statement across all of my ‘businesses’. With the new channels, this became a little confusing as I wasn’t sure where to place certain categories of income.

From this month, I’ll be publishing separate accounts for each type of income. Also, I promised that I would work on a cash received basis. In fact, both accounts will be treated differently for obvious reasons.

  • Dollar Traveler will publish income created from offline means: business, investing, bank interest, rental, etc.. Accounting will be cash received basis.
  • Blogging Travails will focus on online sources of income that I have used: advertising services, blogging, online sales, hosting, etc.

If you want to monitor the totals, you will have to do a little detective work yourself as I may no longer publish the totals. However this money is accounted, I will still be focusing on the principles outlined in my post at the beginning of the year.