Purchase Order: 10 DIA at 105.14

Just a quick note: I purchased 10 shares of DIA at 105.14 or thereabouts this afternoon. I had originally owned this stock (ETF) about three years ago, and regretted selling it. I was finally able to buy the shares back cheaper than I sold them. Of course, I lost out on the dividends on the intervening years totalling over $6 per share (after tax); I think these stocks represent a good price, and that the bailout (part 2.) will pass this time around, so I’m kind of expecting a turnaround shortly on the DJIA. Whether it will last or not, I don’t know. But the PE of 12 and yield are beginning to look attractive.

Oddly, though, the stock is already cheaper than I paid. I guess the markets don’t have any confidence in Congress as it’s already trading down.

I’m not recommending this stock, etc. please read my disclaimer.