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Investing in Property: Can you tell the three kinds of property apart?

Yesterday was a beautiful October day in Taiwan. Christine and I had been talking about one of the steps I outlined earlier in A Man and a Plan: renting out property. I finally was able to analyze the figures and make some modest suggestions on how to capitalize on our return by renting out our home, and living… Read More »

Buzz: Inner8 – Can you be one of the Inner 8?

It’s the holy grail of the Internet these days: the social ‘net. Every major industry has joined, and now it’s the turn of the investing fraternity to get the kind of social feature set now found in Facebook, MySpace and much more. Inner8 seeks to provide a similar social service for investors. InvestorBlogger, as one of the earliest… Read More »

Flea Markets: Can they be fun?

It’s fun to try different things when you have your own business. I’d seen a ‘flea market’ in the TV show ‘The Apprentice’, in fact in the first series when the contestants were asked to sell items at a flea market. I’d always wondered what we’d learn about doing that. Well, on the weekend last, our community had… Read More »

You wanna try PayPerPost? Go ahead!

Payperpost has been going quite a few months now. It’s a great way to provide a stream of income for your blog as it will provide a stream of posts for you to write about. So you can earn a little blog money, by joining up and posting about good products and services. Actually, Payperpost can be good… Read More »