WordPress Reports: Useful Plugin #5

One great plugin that I access several times a day is the WordPress Reports plugin. The plugin notes “Added support for multiple Google Analytics accounts” as part of the release for the current version which is 0.6. I also don’t know if it supports WP 2.1 that was just released. Anyway.

WP reports provides a way to integrate the results from both Analytics and Feedburner into a simple one page report that can keep you uptodate on the last seven days traffic. There is a pretty good jpg at his website that provides an overview of the top of the Reports page.

In summary though, the stats covered include:-

Daily Visits, Daily Pageviews, Avg Pageviews per Visit,
Daily Circulation, Inbound Sources, Outbound Links,
Popular Content, and New & Returning.

It’s a pretty handy tool, however for serious statistics, perhaps you need to look elsewhere. Feedburner provides more stats than you can see in the report presented here, and Google Analytics really does provide a wealth of stats, most of which are absent from the reports page. However, the tool provides a comprehensive overview for those who are obsessed about their stats and need to check them frequently! You can login to your blog and get the stats quickly and conveniently without having to login to either Analytics or Feedburner.

Overall, I installed the plugin. I like it and I’m planning to keep using it!