January 2007 alternate income update!

Ok, guys. Here’s January’s results table. Let’s see. I won’t bore you with the little details just yet, but I will outline the primary means of generating income.

1. Payperpost was good to me in both December and January. I found a lot of good Tech, Finance and Blogging posts that I could do in both of these months. Split between two different blogs. I don’t want to post too many of these kinds of opps as I think it distracts from the message of this blog.

2. Google didn’t generate much for me at all this month. I guess some of my older content is just getting stale. Time for new stuff.

3. Text Link Ads both the website and a private sale have generated some decent income for January. I was able to sell a text link for a year, and found a new sponsor for the left top hand side.

4. The other big generator of income was in fact my bunch of dividend stocks that generated some nice end of year (pre-tax) funds. Thanks! I will go into that in a future blog.

5. The last category was a new one: the business loan. The annual interest payment came due for a two year private loan to my school that is still outstanding. The generated a nice interest payment. But it only comes once a year. I will explain some of these items in future posts.

Payperpost $187.25
Google $4.19
ReviewME/Other $32.63
Adbrite/Blogitive $0.01
Adlinks $20.98
Stockbroker $86.59
Hosting $0.00
Bank A/C Interest $13.97
Business Loan $307.69

Total generated was $653.31 for the month of January. It’s quite a jump overall since last month, but February can’t be as good. I guess I reached about 54% of my target last month. At the moment, my stats aren’t consistently presented. I’ll work on fixing that.

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