What’s in your wallet? Money Meme

Here’s a picture of my wallet as it is right now… It’s quite a bulky thing, but that’s probably because of all the crap I keep in it! I don’t usually carry it in my pocket! It’s in my bag most of the time.


So, let’s see what is in it!


One Taiwan ARC Card; two driving licenses; one car registration; two insurance cards (one already out of date); one bank account number (why?); a 2007 calendar; one NT$1000 bill; a National Health Insurance IC card; an MRT card (called EasyCard!); a CostCo Membership card; a Telephone Card (with IC); a Subway Customer Card (we have one near here!); a MasterCard and some ATM cards, none of which I use particularly often; and a NT$5 coin. That’s it. Oh, and I found an insurance sticker with a phone number that I SHOULD stick on my car window, but always forget to…

It was helpful, I threw out the old calendar, and reminded myself to renew my car registration; I also have to stick the Insurance Sticker on the window, just in case.

OK. So here goes: who’s going to follow me in this meme! Let’s see if Elizabeth at Table for Five will…!

Do mention in the meme: This meme was started by InvestorBlogger.

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