This week is the nearly the 16th year in which I have called Taiwan ‘home’. Last Sunday, though, I met Andrew from Oz who is coming to set up ‘shop’ as it were in Taipei, Taiwan. I had forgotten how difficult things can be to those who are coming to live and work in Taiwan.

Fortunately, these days the Internet is a wonderful resource that links to the websites and blogs of a huge raft of people who’ve similarly made Taiwan their home. So, for those visiting Taiwan or coming to live and work as an ‘expat’ or whatever, I’m going to collate as many useful resources for you on this website.


Information for Foreigners – with links to many government sites that contain most of the information that you need for visas, employment and marriage laws, and taxes.

Central Weather Bureau – check the latest weather reports around the island. Also great for earthquake and typhoon reports, too!


Forumosa a wonderful resource of forums and information on many aspects of life here.

Tealit – a good place for information, jobs and buying/selling stuff. Community boards there aren’t really worth the time.

Wrinkler Partners: Winkler Partners is an independent law firm located in Taipei, Taiwan. They have an excellent and informative blog/website.

Taipei Times: A daily published newspaper from Taipei. Full news on Taiwan including society, business and sports.

China Post: A long-established newspaper with a good interactive edition published daily and updated throughout the day.


Michael Turton’s Blog includes resources and information on Teaching English in the private sector and in the academic sector.

David on Taiwan – commentary on all things Taiwanese, includes commentary on teaching, politics, day trips, etc. Quality Links.

Craig Ferguson Images – includes lots of wonderful tips on photography, photographs of Taiwan and S.E. Asia. Well worth bookmarking and reading!

Do check out their links, and you’ll find a lot more great blogs on Taiwan.