Car Insurance: You never need it until you NEED it!

Recently I just had my first car accident… and I hope my last… It was quite an experience!

We were driving on a mountain road between Tamsui and Sanchih, it’s quite an attractive road, in fact. But on weekends, all sorts of idiot city types come out on the road, and do really DUMB things. Anyway we were heading up the mountain road on a narrow twisty section of the road, when my car was hit by a car coming down the mountain at a high speed. I was too far over to the center of the road meaning that I had no safety margin at all, and the road twisted to my left, making visibility harder. In addition, it was a wide single track road… Anyway, BOOM!

You can see how the damage in these three photos quite clearly. It’s obvious from the nature of the damage that the other driver didn’t see me at all until it was too late. Poor Ed!

100 0752

100 0754

The funny thing about all kinds of insurance, home insurance, car insurance, and life insurance, is that you never know when you will need it! Really. That afternoon, we thought we were just going for a quiet country drive, but we didn’t know that we’d be involved in a hit and run accident. Nor did we know that the guy would stop, be a jerk and drive away afterwards. We didn’t even get his license plate number … However, we were covered for such minor damage in our policy, and it helped to cover the costs of the damage.

What should you do in a car accident? What kind of policies should you get for driving? Is third party, fire and theft really enough these days? Anyone got experience?