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By | January 28, 2007

This hack is known to work in WP 2.0.7 ONLY. This is what I use here, currently. I do not know if it can be used on any other version. USE at your own RISK. If you are uncomfortable using FTP, looking at PHP code, or get frustrated easily (a sentiment I sometimes share), please pass on this hack, and find something better to do with your time! You could destroy your blog. If you are comfortable with this, good luck, and let me know how it goes.

If you delete the file, and my file doesn’t work, but you can’t replace the original, you can go to Angusman’s Page and re-install his hack without fear (here). Or go to WP, download the entire install of WP (not very big), and find the necessary file there. Upload only THAT file to the right directory. Things should work again!

I created this as a way to solve some of my blogging problems: namely, I opened my blog, then needed to access some or all of my other accounts in other places. All of the links are suited for my own particular purposes. You may replace them as you wish.

Name: Investorblogger’s Tweaked Admin Page
Description: I’ve hacked the central are with additional links. This file replaces wp-admin/index.php.
Notes: This is version 0.1.
Download the Tweaked Admin Page

Author: KenDickson98

Don’t forget to back up the original file by renaming it, so if something goes wrong, your blog will be okay. Just rename the original file again! This file is offered without warranties of any kind.
Credits: This tweaked version draws on the following, with thanks and appreciation.

Name: Angsuman’s WordPress Admin DashBoard Replacement
Description: This hack trims the bloat from WordPress Admin DashBoard. It is a drop in replacement for wp-admin/index.php
Version: 1.3
Author: Angsuman Chakraborty

Author: InvestorBlogger takes you on a 'Random Walk To Wealth' through money, investing, blogging and tech. We'll explore my insights, mistakes, and experiences together.