Small Websites: A good way to generate additional income!

“Flip Content for Profit!” sounds like madness to me. How can a simply 5 or 10 page website possibly generate any profits? I’m aware of blogs and their impact on the web, with their regular audiences, RSS feeds, etc. but a simple website? It can’t be true.

This short report explains how visitors can help make an income stream from content pages. So if you would like to receive a Free Copy of “Flip Content for Profit!“, then visit the website soon!

The newsletter suggests that content can be turned into something profitable and generate cash. To find out more, sign up for a free copy of the report. This report is only available for a short while, so visitors should register quickly.

Also, NetBusinessBlog has a 2-part series from early January that explores similar issues. You may also wish to look at Joel Comm’s website.