Thanks, John Chow

My blog, recently because of its increasing status, ranking, etc., I have been getting spam comments with dozens of links, and junk postings in the comments. It wasn’t a lot, but on the last day, I got something like 25. Wow! So John Chow’s advice was just timely.

Now I just wanted to thank John for his advice on spamming. I installed several of the plugins mentioned, I didn’t add some of the more ‘advanced’ tweaks because I wanted to see what could be done with just one or two steps.

Comment Challenge: works like a charm, though you may need to add John’s tweak.

Comment Timeout: I set the time-out to 120 days with a 60 day cut-off on comments.

Result: No Spam, Akismet has nothing to do right now! I will consider adding additional lines a la John’s suggestions, if spam comes back. But in the meantime, I’m 🙂

Update on 28th, 37 spam now in blog. Somehow the spam got around the captcha code. But multiple link spam seems absent right now. If this continues, I may implement the next step.