Top Stories for this Week: Last Week of August 2008

This was a busy week. But I’ll try to pick some of the best posts: in all, there were over 15 posts this week, though some of them were Twitter updates.

In blogging, we looked at five new plugins that you might want to try out on your blog. Then we looked at a new series called DEAD END BLOGGING or how to avoid the charlatans of the blogging world. And finally, we examined the current situation between PayPerPost and PageRank, just in time for a new update on the Google Dance.

In finance, I showed you to track your expenses via Google Docs and the new Forms feature. Then showed you what happened when I *I* failed to use any system for tracking my credit card expenses in early August. There was also an update on the third in our Dow Jones Series: JP Morgan (JPM: NYSE).

Apart from a few other newsbytes, photos, videos, and twitter updates, that was the week on InvestorBlogger Dot Com. You can of course subscribe to our feeds, or via email.

Enjoy your weekend.

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