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Here’s an interesting way to make some extra money from Blogitive – Directory Network. Why don’t you check it out? I am still trying to create the directory as the instructions aren’t so clear! I couldn’t wait for the download to finish! Hah!

We have just launched the Blogitive Directory Network. This new network will allow bloggers to add a simple directory to their blog. This product is initially for bloggers who use WordPress, and maintain their own domain name. Here are a few facts about the Blogitive Directory Network (BDN):

1.The BDN application is a simple plug in for WordPress.
2.Bloggers maintain complete control over their directory. You decide the price you wish to charge per submission (min. $5.00). You also have the option of approving or rejecting any submissions to the site; nothing is posted to your site without your approval.
3.Bloggers can submit their own directory submissions for free. This is your directory to use as you like.
4.Blogitive passes through 85% of the revenue directly through to the blogger. If you charge $20 for a directory submission, you get $17.

BDN Requirements
The only requirement to participate in BDN is that you have a WordPress blog, and that you have your own domain name.

…. Payments to bloggers work very much the same as they have been. We will be paying weekly through Paypal. At this time, we only pay through Paypal.


Brian Ratzker

The Blogitive Directory Network is Open – Blogitive

OK. I tried it and it keeps giving me file errors, so for now, I’m going to pass until I figure out what’s wrong? Anyone got any ideas?


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