Cascades of Cash: Using Your Money to Make Money?

Well, I have been blogging on InvestorBlogger since nearly October last year, during that time, I’ve learned a lot of great things, I’m transitioning to becoming a writer (aka blogger), learning more about blogging, …

Since then, I’ve accumulated a bit of cash in one account! This is all, for me, found (perhaps even free) money. Money that I would not have otherwise had… So, I’m now wondering what to do with that new found wealth. I checked tonight and found that it is close US$1200 stashed away in two accounts. This represents links sold on the website, Payperpost earnings, and one or two other incomes.

So, now given the amount of money, I’m starting to wonder what to do with it. I do have a number of options:

  • 1. keep in the regular account and earn 0.4% per annum;
  • 2. stick into a CD in NT$ and earn 2.1% p.a.;
  • 3. stick it into another currency (say US$) and earn nearly 5%;
  • 4. invest it in an ETF or Dividend paying stock, and earn 5-8% (if I’m lucky);
  • 5. or buy a stock like NCV or NCZ or similar, and earn a nice dividend at about 9%.

Of course, the return correlates with some risk, so some of GeniusTypes’ suggestions yesterday should help to mitigate your worries with strategies to protect your initial investment capital. He describes Cost Basis Recovery, 50/50 and Hands Off .

What would you do? Comment your answers! I’d love to hear from some good suggestions!