Why do I blog? So I’ve Been Tagged!

I’ve been tagged, and I’m replying to the tag from Lance at http://ezmakedollars.blogspot.com! It’s a cool way to get linkbait, and hopefully instructive for readers!

There are a number of reasons why I blog:

  • 1. I like writing, and blogging creates a unique venue to reach readers;
  • 2. I do earn some dosh doing it, so it adds a little spice, through ads, reviews, etc..
  • 3. I find blogging motivates me to write more, and learn more;
  • 4. It helps me when it comes to my business, and I think it will provide some great opportunities for other related activities in the future!
  • 5. I’m getting to learn a lot of computing stuff, that’s always been interesting to me!

So those are some of my reasons, I think if you read my blog more, you’ll find other stuff, too!

Now, here’s a note about tagging: “(Tagging is) … a fun and creative way to get links back to your blog. If you get tagged, expect to write a post giving your reasons for blogging, include a link back to the person who tagged you, then tag 5 other bloggers.”

I’m going to tag five bloggers: let’s see – Ideas2earn.com, PBriscoe, Dividend Guy, My Thoughts, Ideas and Ramblings, and Money 4 Military. Apologies to you guys if you have been tagged before, drop me a line if you have!