Five Stories for the First Week of September 2008

In the new month, we’ve been quite busy on new posts, so Dollar Traveler has been much more active than Blogging Travails. I’ll try to pick some of the best posts: in all, there were over 15 posts this week.

In blogging, the big news was the launch of Chrome from Google as a fairly polished and minimalist browser set to challenge both FF and IE.

In finance, we are pondering the next president’s economic policies and inviting debate on who will be better for the US and world economy. InvestorBlogger also reached its second birthday and we celebrated ‘a little’. Of course, with us nearly reaching a milestone in several ways, we posted the next story on the Dow Jones Series: Johnson and Johnson. The Dow has been on a wild ride this week: who knows how it will finish the week! We also looked at a simple tool for converting currencies.

InvestorBlogger finally created a staticĀ  home page for the main blog, linking to the feature articles. I’ve sitll go to work on the actual pages at the footer, but the new site is finally becoming a coherent whole with identifiable streams of content. It’s quite exciting!

Apart from a few other newsbytes, photos, videos, and twitter updates, that was the week on InvestorBlogger Dot Com. You can of course subscribe to our feeds, or via email.

Enjoy your weekend.