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5 Ways to Manage Finances Better

Managing my own finances was easy: I simply spent everything, and didn’t worry about tomorrow so much. However, once I got married, things had to change! They had to. My wife was not interested in financial management, so I had to take up the reins, so to speak. And I did. Beatthatquote.com is sponsoring this post to encourage… Read More »

Networth: Assets – Liabilities <> $0!

Calculating a Networth is an activity that preoccupies a lot of the personal finance bloggers. Bargaineering Blog revisits this, and has some sensible advice to those who are interested in doing this activity. Naturally, I’ve done this for more than ten years myself. As I’ve done this exercise, initially every month, but now just quarterly, I found it’s… Read More »

Tithing: A duty to God or a tax on idiots?

Do you tithe? Do you give money to your religious organization? How do you decide who to give your money? Do you consider tithing to include money given to charitable organizations? I’d be interested to read your opinions. Comment away. I spent a while reading the Money and the Bible section of Free Money Finance Blog, where there… Read More »

Do you have investments that make you poorer?

I’m revisiting a topic I started last October with a similar title. The original post is linked here with a link to Rich Dad Poor Dad guru, Robert Kiyosaki. Learn to Invest Like a Pro: Why the Rich Get Richer – Yahoo! Finance The lesson my rich dad was drumming into my head, and I mean to drum… Read More »

Sensible Budgeting: Think Big Picture!

Many accounting systems work on the basis of accounting for every single cent you ever spend. I used to read about all those blogs who encouraged people to keep their accounts to the nearest cent. You know what. I tried that for two months and while it was instructive, I didn’t find it that productive a use of… Read More »