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Mr Credit Card’s Survey: My Personal Answers… And yours?

I just received this email from Mr Credit Card who asked me to share my answers with him for a report he is doing. Rather than just do that, I thought I would share my answers with all of you… Mr Credit Card here. I am conducting a survey among personal finance, investment bloggers about their credit cards… Read More »

February’s Credit Card Statement: NT$26,413 in 31 days!

Or in other words, how to break the bank! My wife was standing over my shoulder last time I wrote my very uneventful credit card statement for January 2008. She said in pointed tones: “Who cares about your credit card spending?”… Well, of course, I do! I usually include the credit card spending report for three reasons: 1.… Read More »

Credit Cards, Bank Accounts and Salaries Part 2

In this series, I’m looking at our changing attitudes to money, and answer the simple question: are we all credit card slaves now? Part 1 was yesterday: entitled Where did our attitudes to money come from? Credit Cards, Bank Accounts and Salaries Suddenly from subsisting from week to week on wages became more challenging as we were all forced… Read More »