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Building Your Own House: A Sensible Choice?

In these lean times for the property market, how can building your own house be sensible? Well, Construction Loan Center thinks otherwise. In fact, their Advisors Column suggest that the timing couldn’t be better: lumber prices are down, labor is available due to rising unemployment, and contractors are returning phone calls now that work is scarce! But, for… Read More »

Credit Cards: Could you live without them?

Our world is increasingly moving towards electronic money: credit cards for purchasing, stored value cards for 7-Eleven or the subway or Starbucks, electronic gift cards, debit cards for cash, even mobile phone swipes for automated drinks machines… In many cases, though, it is the credit card that is moving into the center of the electronic money world from… Read More »

Credit Cards: Give yourself some credit?

There are many blogs, books, seminars, and reports out in the blogosphere that proclaim the credit card as the Devil’s tool, pure evil. They are reviled as pure usury with interest rates above 20% or even 30%. They are described as creating credit card ‘slaves’ – people who can only afford to pay the monthly interest minimum, if… Read More »

Credit Cards: Budgets, Rewards, Self-Discipline!

For those of you who are using credit cards for the first time, or are having difficulty in managing your expenses, budgets can be a bit tricky to devise. Your credit cards are charged one month, but typically don’t show up on your credit card statement for at least 2-5 weeks (sometimes more). This is long after you… Read More »

The ThriftyScot-ness Works: And how!

This past six months has been quite difficult for me in some ways. Our business revenue dropped by about 20%, and as a result, we faced a drop in our personal incomes of about the same amount. It became my mission as a result to find ways to cut unnecessary expenses, and to my surprise, these ways have… Read More »