Stats: Whither Gibraltar?

125px-Flag of GibraltarWhen my stats were less impressive, esp. on Technorati and Alexa (that was only a few short months ago), I used to comfort myself that the tiny island of Gibraltar and its 27,495 enlightened individuals loved my blog!

Yes, it came in on Alexa at #951 for several weeks in a row! It was the only country or territory in the world where my little blog, like an island in the sea, could rear its head above the crowds of Yahoo!s, Googles and scads of other sites!

While Gibraltar still insists on remaining part of Britain (unlike the Scots!), they didn’t insist on my blog for anything like the 300 years they have been part of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland classed as a British Overseas Territory.

So, I would just like to say “Thanks, Gibraltar!” Do drop by again, whoever of the 27,495 inhabitants of the islands you were! You are always welcome!

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