How my life insurance came in handy:

When I first met my wife in Taipei, she was a life insurance saleswoman for Aetna Life Insurance. She naturally tried to sell me some life insurance and got me what she thought was a low term life insurance rate for my policy, as she was just learning the trade. The other possible reason for trying to sell me on this is that she just wanted my telephone number!

Of course, I was the somewhat reluctant customer… there’s nothing wrong with me… I’m going to live for ever 29-year-old! To persuade me to buy it, she signed me up and paid the first contribution for me! That was not a little money, but it gave her peace of mind!

Funny thing is: about two years later, after a very hectic and stressful period of my life, my body was physically run down! I got pneumonia, ended up in hospital for 10 days, with a raging fever; and needed fairly powerful medications. This was all in the days before Taiwan’s National Health Insurance. When we went to check out, we paid the bill for that hospitalization, and it wasn’t cheap, something like half a month’s salary, plus I didn’t make any money for about two weeks or thereabouts.

After contacting our then insurance agent (wife was now an English teacher!), we were covered in full almost for the illness. When the check came, it was a might relief! That was handy. Handy, indeed. Next time, I took better care of myself, too!

Nowadays, though, I don’t have to meet someone on a bus just to get good life insurance coverage, I can just find online term life insurance rates and get instant insurance life quotes at the click of a button. However you decide to get life insurance, having appropriate life insurance can really make a big difference when things go bad.

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