Throwing Down the Gauntlet!

This joust is being handled in fun! But still, a well-known website recently rejected my overture to advertise my Kiva Competition! Oh, well, I sighed. But then the blogger threw down a gauntlet by saying the following:

Unfortunately I will have to decline since I think the blogs aren’t exactly evenly weighted in terms of traffic, PR, RSS readership, etc.

Naturally, I thought my competition would stand on its own merits! But now I was piqued, to say the least. So I checked out the stats for Tyler’s blog and here they are.

Pageviews Per Day: 800
Alexa Ranking: 50,691 (Hah! His 1 week rankings are at 535,837)
Google Pagerank: 5
Technorati: 12,146
RSS Readership: 550
Backlinks: 391

Impressive enough, but there are other stats, too, that he doesn’t note. For example, what he doesn’t tell you: his pageviews are only 1.7.

Now my stats!

Pageviews Per Month: 1650
Alexa Ranking: 107,758
Google Pagerank: 3
Technorati: 113,628
RSS Readership: 38
Backlinks: 121

But guess what, my page views are at 11.8.

So, there are other big differences, too. But this is the Internet and things change quickly. A little competition is good for the soul. So, TC, what will you say? How’s about a little spar? See what’s going to change in three or six months?!

This should spur me to further develop my incomes, my readership and my blogging skills! I’m going to give myself six months to see if I can improve my ratings in those at least three of the areas listed above.