Tools: Backlink PageRank Check

Earlier I wrote a review about SmartPageRank. I like their simple website, and functional results pulled from Google, Alexa and so on. Recently, though, I visited their website, and found a link on their front page to their *new* Backlink PageRank Check.

For those of you who recently were downgraded like me to a lower PR ranking, this page provides a list of your backlinks with their relative PR ranking. I’m including a graphic here, and it’s quite useful as it shows all your links. The only problem is that the list is unsortable, but this is a Beta. Perhaps that will change.

The graphic is checking back links for my domain minus ‘www’ to see what residual effect the confusion had. It’s negligible, less than 1% of my results! Did you check?


Do check out this and you can compare your results to see what posts are rewarded or penalized. Do come back and let me know if you have any other good tools for backlink analyzing or unusual results!

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