Paid Blogging Companies: 4+1 Reviews

In the last 12 months, paid blogging has really taken off in a number of ways, with bloggers getting positions in companies or freelancing. But there have also been a number of companies set up for bloggers to ‘sell’ their services to. This post includes the most recent reviews of the Paid Blogging Companies. It’ s not all of them, but the ones I have had most experience with.

(updated: May 25th to add this review)

Worth Watching, but there are ‘issues’.

Plus a more general article here on sponsored blogging. * Payment-wise: I’ve had no problems with payments from any of them so far. All have paid promptly and in full. I have done other posts with Blogsvertise, too. But I haven’t reviewed them yet. I’m also a member of BloggerWave, Loudlaunch, and Smorty, but I can’t comment on the latter two yet at all. What companies have you had experience of as a blogger or an advertiser? Which were good or bad?

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