Review: The lowdown on “Mortgage Lowdown”

Mortgage Lowdown Blog is looking for reviews, so I’m up for the job! I’d like to offer my own views of a blog that offers mortgage news as well as updates and insights into recent mortgage news. I’ll write this review with two aims: to provide some ideas on the blog for Sagar Satapathy who is the owner, and to provide some ideas on how to improve the blog.

The Blog
The blog offers information about mortgages with an update of the news about mortgages. The postings are limited to a handful each month in recent months. Articles deal with a variety of mortgage related topics, including laws, fraud, rates, tips, and the sub-prime meltdown.


* the articles, in recent months, are particularly well written especially 43 Tips. The author has clearly taken a lot of time to craft the best posts, and it shows.
* the volume of postings helps readers to keep uptodate easily, as there are about 2-3 postings a month.
* the PR ranking is already a five, and shows a careful focus on quality of linking as well as articles.

* for a website like this, the lack of volume of postings may not encourage people to check back very often. Currently the posting rate is about 2-3 per month. Granted, the blog owner may not wish to have even a daily blog, but more frequently would help.
* there aren’t any obvious ways for the blog owner to monetize his site, though with a PR5 and an improving Alexa ratio, that wouldn’t be difficult. How about TextLinkAds? or Adsense? Neither of these require much work, but would reap benefits. PR5 would be a good way to generate revenue.
* given the focus of the blog, I wonder if a more regional focus would help or not, as it currently covers many major mortgage markets, including the US, UK, Spain, etc.

Overall, the author has created a quality niche blog with good PR ranking. Increasing the postings, driving more traffic and creating some initial revenue would, in this blogger’s opinion, be the right thing to do.

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