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By | March 26, 2007

The Unofficial Jim Cramer Recap is a simple concept, take the popular TV show host, and provide a mini capsule of the salient points and recommendations of the show. Cramer is indeed a well-known trader with a public notoriety and track record. So his recommendations, suggestions and advice can’t be ignored. However, I’m not really that much of a fan of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money: too much shouting and screaming for my own taste. Also, the show airs at odd times in this part of the world, so I can only rarely see it as it’s often on very early am or not at all.

Hence, value of this website to me is quite high! I can get the important stuff without having to see the actual show. For those of you who do see the show, you don’t have to have a pen handy when you watch. Just surf on over here and browse.

Positive Points
For those of you who do admire his wit and insight, The Jim Cramer Recap is a valuable resource and brief summary of the main points of the show, including his picks and pans.

The website also has other information about him: links to Articles, Biography, Essays by Jim Cramer, Lightning Round Archives, and Stocks For Beginners.

So overall, you can find out what is the essential information quickly and efficiently. And that is Jim Cramer’s Recap Website’s USP (unique selling point).

Unfortunately, that is part of the problem with the Jim Cramer Report, there really isn’t that much more on the website. Largely, this is the fault of Jim Cramer for not giving much detailed analysis of a company in his Mad Money Recap. So I have three suggestions:

1. To spin more from less
I would recommend the website beginning to offer analysis of ‘why’ Jim Cramer’s stocks are recommended, analyze those choices to help its readers adopt a more critical view of Cramer’s buys and sells, and offer a historical perspective on which choices ranked and which tanked. I don’t think comments like “I still regard them as Communists” are particularly specific or erudite (but then those are Cramer’s comments, not the website’s!)

2. Keep the content fresher!
The webmaster has included more detailed information on the background of Jim Cramer, his writings, articles about him, and whatnot, but some of the links date back more than a year. It’d be nice to have more recent stuff, too.

3. Broaden the traders!
Overall, the concept of this website is quite simple, but it is dependent on the fate of its star. Should Jim Cramer disappear, so will this website, I fear! Unless it builds up its repertoire to include Recaps of other traders, some forums for discussion, and more high value content to keep people clicking through the pages, and checking out the Google Ads.

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