Review: John Chow Dot Com

I’ve been a fan of John Chow dot com website for quite some time. So I’d like to offer a review of his website, especially on how he plans to make money online: I think my own readers would appreciate discovering his blog, as I did just a few months ago. I’m offering this review of his blog to encourage readers to discover why his blog has become successful, what lessons (both positive and negative) you can learn from his blog, and encourage you to strike out on your own.

Just as Starbucks has become successful for its cappuccinos, lattes and mochas, the world of coffee is hardly limited to the narrow confines of a Starbucks counter. Similarly, John Chow offers a great way to sample the wares on display on the Internet.

So why should you bother with his website, given the ‘range’ out there? Well, it’s mostly because he eats what he sells. How often can you go into a restaurant and find the boss eating his own cooking? How often do you go to look at cars, say a Ford, only to find the salesman and boss are driving Toyotas? Well, for John. He eats what he cooks. He drives what he sells. Let me explain.

He blogs because he enjoys blogging, and one of the things he knows about: how to market your blog. So, he writes about the different ways to earn money and he provides a good examples of how he does it: he writes occasional reviews for ReviewME (aff). As a reader, you are treated to the review he wrote, as well as the financial benefits that the review generates at the end of the month. Nor does he hide the fact that it is a review. He is open and honest about that aspect, too.

With John Chow, you see what you get. It’s as simple as that!

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