Blog Your Way To Wealth: Building Multiple Streams of Income

One of the tenets of wealth building has to be the ability to generate multiple streams of revenue. Similarly, though, when you are trying to create an income from your online businesses, you need to pursue a multi-faceted methodology. I was reminded of this when TLA recently ‘reviewed’ this website without so much as a by-your-leave.

I would suggest that if you are creating a revenue from your website, once you have sufficient traffic, you should look at the following five ways:

  • 1. Google Ads
  • 2. Text Link Ads
  • 3. Paid postings (Payperpost, ReviewME, or similar)
  • 4. Affiliate programs

What other ways can you successfully monetize a blog? What has been successful for you? Or not, perhaps? Share by commenting me your thoughts…!