Great Resources: Common Errors in English

Having read quite a few blog posts, esp. at John Chow et al., I am sometimes horrified by the carelessness blog posters show towards the English language! I am not an English major, nor am I particularly a fussy person. But still the mistakes that one reads on some websites, supposedly written by native speakers, makes the skin crawl.

Now, I have to say, my own blog contains numerous errors in spelling and grammar, too. I will try to weed them out as I go over older posts! I naturally strive for better than that in each post!
I was therefore delighted when I found “Common Errors in English”, a website that can help writers and bloggers, sort out the common mistakes that infect our writing. A good example was the clear explanation of ‘affect’ and ‘effect’ and how these two words, while similar in spelling and even closer in pronunciation at times, are quite different in usage and meaning. Yet it is a common error.

Hence, the value of this site. Effective, to the point, and NOT bombastic.