Buzz: Google Does BlogSearch

Recently, Google announed that they have improved BlogSearch, and boy! They did so with avengeance.

newblogsearch at google

It looks like Google is now about to take on Technorati and several other blog aggregators with the revamp. It’s been done to look similar to the NewsGoogle, and will work in a similar fashion to NewsGoogle, taking summaries, images and links from popular blogs all over the web, aggregating the stories and presenting them in an automated fashion as a summary of what’s happening. For top bloggers, and those who are ‘discovered’ this will be a huge boon to their traffic as the service becomes increasingly known. For readers, it makes it easier to find news stories, popular blogs, though it may break or weaken loyalty between readers and ‘their’ blogs. Worth watching, though it didn’t show up much from after September 16th for my blog…

Today, we’re pleased to launch a new homepage for Google Blog Search so that you too can browse and discover the most interesting stories in the blogosphere. Adapting some of the technology pioneered by Google News, we’re now showing categories on the left side of the website and organizing the blog posts within those categories into clusters, which are groupings of posts about the same story or event. Grouping them in clusters lets you see the best posts on a story or get a variety of perspectives. When you look within a cluster, you’ll find a collection of the most interesting and recent posts on the topic, along with a timeline graph that shows you how the story is gaining momentum in the blogosphere.

Questions remain: how is a story rated “most interesting”, how are stories ranked or clustered, will spidering occur more often as a website or blog gains ‘momentum’? At what point does a blog become rated “most interesting”, by whom and by what means? Mmm. To read more, visit BlogSearch Blog for the announcement.