PHP: Cheesecake Photoblog Software

I found this rather interesting alternative to Gallery and Coppermine! I’m going to try it out! Naturally, my fondness for things with cream cheese drew my attention immediately to this PhotoBlog software, called Cheesecake Photoblog Software.


I had a look at the Demo of the software and was attracted by its simplicity. It really puts the photography up front, and nearly eliminates all the wordage that goes along with photography based websites! I liked that emphasis. I know that other softwares can do this too, but there is something elegant about this appearance.

Let me test it, and you all take a look. Requirements are modest, most Linux based servers should already use the LAMP (Linux Apache Mysql Php) , so installation shouldn’t be difficult. If you’re using MS products, try another PhotoBlog App. This one’s not for you. I’ll be giving it a try… Will report back.

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