TraderMatch: where traders meet their match!

tradermatchYou’ve all seen them on TV or heard them on the radio. Perhaps you’ve even visited their websites! Those stocks the analysts recommended last year – did they actually make money or lose money? Who knows? Who cares? It’s always today’s stock picks that are going to make money! Let’s not worry about such things as track records. Analyst A had a bad year! Let’s make money on today’s stock picks! Cramer, where are you?

Not so. Finally, I found a website called Tradermatch that really does track stock pickers track records. You can sign upto this forum, and create and track recommendations, portfolios and returns. This website will help you find and track real performance and sort the wheat from the chaff! I’m off to sign up and will write a review of the website as soon as I know what to say!

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