Buzz: Depend On You – Your Blog Depends On You!

dependonmeThe first thing that strikes you when you visit DependOnYOu is the very elegant and stylish design. The blogger’s name is Amie Carey, and she uses LiveJournal for her blogging host of choice. I’m not familiar with that software, but it seems to use a lot of frames in her theme!

This blog is very much a personal blog, as the author writes a lot about her personal events, ideas, information, products and so on! I would suggest though, that she spend a little time fixing her frame on the right: it doesn’t display properly at the moment. Also some traditional blog elements seem to be missing: categories, links, … this might be a glitch, though.

Blogger’s Tip Of The Day

It’s a good idea when you do a blog, and then ask for buzzes and reviews to make sure that your blog is in tiptop shape. Traffic will come, and if there are problems, you may drive them away again! I know, I made that mistake when I got mentioned on JohnChow’s Linkbait program. I found a glitch on my blog, but I already had lost some traffic. Too late to fix the problem!

Looking forward to seeing how this blog matures as the blogger discovers much more about the blogging process! I am learning a lot now as I blog! Good luck, Amie!

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