Payperpost Really Does Help Make Money

I’ve been doing Payperpost on my two blogs since about September 2006. Actually, I was quite skeptical at first over the reliability, trustworthiness, and steadiness of the project. But well, I’ve now earned over $520 from Payperpost alone. That, to me, is amazing, because I’m getting paid to do something that I:

1. love doing;
2. am free to do anytime;
3. am learning to do better;
4. allows me to earn $ other ways, too; and
5. helps me help my blog help my reader!

So what am I planning to do with the money?

Mmm! Well, I haven’t set any targets yet. But the first amount went to pay my life insurance policy that was due! I hadn’t set aside sufficient funds for that at that point.

The second and third amounts will be set aside to create what I’m terming a “Cascade of Cash”. Basically, the concept is simple. You use a set amount of ‘found’ money to create a lifetime source of income. Each cascade of cash will set up a small stream of ‘interest’ that in turn can be used to create a further cascade of cash.

Imagine a large pile of champagne glasses, and someone pouring a bottle of champagne into the top glass. The champagne flows over from the top glasses into the next level, and so on, each time the glasses fill up.

Well, that is my dream. To set up “Cascades of Cash” that generate their own overflowing into subsequent glasses. It is to that end that I have set up this blog to help me further my goals to that end. Wishing you all prosperity and health in 2007.

This post is sponsored, but the words and facts are my own! 100%