Three Kinds of Blogs: the Passion, the Job, or the Splog?

Having browsed quite a few blogs over the last few months, I’m beginning to find that many blogs fall into three categories, and three categories only:

1. the Passionate Blogger: Done by someone who cares for their subject, the main focus of their blog, someone whose passion shines through in their blog writing, their detail, etc..

2. the Business Blogger: Written by someone who is either assigned or self-assigned by his boss/business or whatever, it is thorough, detailed, and specific. But it lacks the real passion from the first type, maybe sporadic, and fails to excite its reader..

3. the Splogger: Written purely for cash, to milk the ads served by an advertising system (fill in the name here), it is usually not well focused, staggers from topic to topic, advert to advert, reader to reader, and after even casual reading, it becomes obvious that the blogger is trying to cash in on Payperpost’s recent generosity, ReviewME or Blogitive’s opportunities…

Which kind of blogger do you aspire to be like? Why?