Increasing your PageViews…

Wow! I found a good pageview target for my blog to aim for. Currently, the page views are hovering between 1.73 and 1.43 this week. I read on here that aiming for 2.0 is a good target.

Then I searched for some info, and they said:

After surfing the top 50 blogs listed there (I couldn’t find stats on 6 of them) I found that on average they have 1.7272 page views per visitor. The highest any of them had was 3.3 page views per visitor and the lowest was 1.1.

There is more to this article that is worth reading, including the fact that blogs lower down the scale didn’t vary as much as one would think. Now that is food for thought!

What is your page view? Vote or comment here… Do be honest! Also, any strategies that you suggest would be great!