Payperpost: Posts do really ‘ad’ up to successful ‘ad’vertising!

You have a great website with attractive products, good support and sales… but you do get people to visit your website? Where do you get traffic from?

That’s a question that has perplexed me from time to time as I slave away on my latest brainwave. One solution that I have been working with as a blogger is Payperpost.

Boost your PageRank
My experience with Payperpost has given me a great deal of confidence in them. It seems to be a great way to find bloggers who can write top quality posts that will drive traffic to your websites. With links from good quality blogs, you should find that your PR ranking in Google will increase as well, not to mention your Alexa ranking.

Payperpost is different
Payperpost model is different from, say ReviewME or some of the others. It is a marketplace where you can post your request and terms of acceptance. Bloggers log in to see what is available and find what they are interested in, or is suitable for their blog. The Opportunity allows you to specify the kind of posting, including length, tone (+/-), your link, any photographs and one or two other features that you may wish for.

If you are looking to increase your pagerank then I’d suggest choosing a permanent link, as nearly 100% of the bloggers will leave your posting in their archives, giving you a chance to build some extensive and deep links. You may, though, need a little help in placing your first opportunities to get the best value for your dollar.

Quality checks
There are many checks and balances in the system that prevent bloggers from submitting substandard postings, and advertisers from posting undesirable opportunities. So, quality standards are maintained by both system checks and a hands-on editor.

If you are on a tight budget, Payperpost may offer a more affordable, targetable and controllable way to reach readers than Google Adwords. The posts will be more extensive, longer lasting and more effective.

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