Who can wait? I want my new mobile now!

By | January 10, 2007

Well, there’s quite a hullabaloo about the Apple iPhone coming on the market, and it is indeed a cool looking phone, but who wants to wait until October 2007 just to have the privilege to queue up in line and wait for hours to purchase one! Indeed, the phone is technologically cool, quite expensive, and its full Internet access will entail a hefty bill, as well.

For those of us with neither the patience nor the money to wait for an Apple iPhone, I’d suggest finding a good deal at Mobile 360, where you’ll be able to find the latest AVAILABLE cool models and/or great deals with good calling plans. I’d think that this website would be a great place to buy.

I like the features that can help search for phones by the features. Last time I bought a phone, it was kind of a hit or miss affair, as I didn’t have much access to comparison features. The result was I bought one with an underpowered camera, and half an MP3 player. I think this search site could have helped me choose a better model.

Nowadays, I’d certainly be looking for a phone with features, such as email, browsing, SD card support, etc., like these phones, Wi-Fi and Windows OS capability so I can connect anywhere with networks! And more to the point, it’ll help an investorblogger keep up with email, investments, and even allow you to post on your blogs, with photos and text and movies! Now that would be a good investment.

This post has been sponsored by Mobile360. And boy! Am I drooling!

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