Domain Locking: Do you?

Dreamhost sent me their usual newsletter and in it I noticed this:

But how? Doesn’t a registrar have to get explicit permission via email
to transfer a domain to themselves? ‘Tis true!

But somehow, scammers like “Domain Registry of America” … get thousands of people to switch their registrations to them every single month.

Which is why we (finally) now offer a FINAL line of defense against
having your domain registrations transferred away from us… domain
“locking”! (Domain Locking Feature)

…When a domain is locked, it simply CANNOT be transferred away from us. You’ve got to go back to that page and specifically UNLOCK it before requesting a transfer away.

I wondered how many people had been tricked into moving their inexpensive domains by some scammers like DROA. So, for those of you who have your own domains, and receive spam either in your mail or e-mail from someone demanding ‘immediate’ payment for your domain renewal (this may occur around your normal domain renewal time), please just ignore such a spam. Have a look at this google search.

Have you ever been scammed? Add a comment below and tell us the story!

Oh, and I am a Dreamhost customer.