Credit Card Bills: May 2008

Well, it’s here… It’s the latest credit card bill, and I was horrified/pleased… I took one look at the total, and I was staggered. Over NT$15,000, and I can’t remember why… Oh, wait! I’m looking at one of them… Oops! Both. So what happened?


Yes, that’s right… each one cost NT$6500 and I bought TWO… Was I crazy?


I don’t think so… But I DID hide one of them for nearly a week before I brought it out so that my wife wouldn’t scold me TOO much. Does it help? In actual fact, it does. It helps to make me more productive: using two CPUs and systems is always going to be more productive than one SUPER processor. I had intended to buy bigger monitors (22″ LCDs) but was worried about the optimal settings for the monitors on my graphics cards. Turns it wasn’t an issue. The computer configured the display automatically.

I don’t have to have multiple windows open all the time: switching between numerous windows just helps one to lose focus on the primary task – that’s already a challenge on the Internet. Second, I can allow one computer to carry out several functions: playing music, uploading files, downloading programs, looking at my brokerage account… whatever. The other computer can be the main task I’m doing right now: but a quick glance at the other screen is often all that I need to help me focus and finish the task. Neat.

So here’s the bill for May 30th.

  • 2 19″ LCD Monitors – NT$13,000
  • 1 Phone Bill – NT$376
  • 4 CDs – NT$1,222
  • Life Insurance – NT$2000
  • Total = NT$16,598

That’s it. No interest fees, no late penalties, no outstanding balance. And some bonus points.