Good Blogs: Dividend Guy Blog

The Dividend Guy Blog – One Guy’s Journey to Passive Income Through Dividend Investing » I’ve been enjoying exploring this blog for a number of reasons. I can’t remember exactly how I came across the blog. But I bookmarked it for further explorations. so here are the reasons I like this blog: 1. it focuses on choosing dividends,… Read More »

Stupid Trades #1: NAT

          The start of this tale begins in 2003. I had been looking for stocks with better than average dividends. After being burned somewhat in the 2000 stock debacle that was the undoing of the stock boom period, I had sought for other ways to generate wealth. At that point, I had bought a… Read More »

Forelose the Negativity

I was incensed by people’s attitudes to this young man’s mistakes. Read the blog by yourself and come to your own conclusions. But here is my reply: Casey, Don’t let these idle comments from naysayers bring you down. Concentrate on fixing up your mistakes by trying to do the best for everyone. Too many comments are by people… Read More »

Wow! Cars ARE expensive…

Well, we bought a new car about 2 years ago. Prior to purchasing the Mazda 323, we were unaware of the total expenses that owning a car would incur. The list is quite long: loan payments taxes repairs oil changes gasoline insurance parking fees … to name just a few. More importantly, we were surprised by the amount… Read More »

Great PlugIns I have used #2: Word Statistics Plugin

I have been using this plug in for quite sometime. I quite like having the ability to know how many words there are in a post. It’s useful! So I’m now recommending this. It also has readability scores, but I don’t know how useful they actually are for writing as I actually tend to just write. The readability… Read More »

Refinancing Your Home: Keep your head on!

I have a mortgage refinance story to share with you guys. One that involves a certain levelheadedness to show that refinancing CAN work, but you have to be cautious. We lived in an area where we had purchased property about 7 years ago. Prices were in the toilet at the time, but soon they they went further down,… Read More »

Savings Story: Building Capital

One of the basic tenets of any investor is that you need to create a capital base on which you can found your investing. Yet how can you do this when there’s never any money left? I have tried this solution and it seems to work quite well. One top technique that many people use is the saving… Read More »

Payperpost discloses its change on Disclosure Requirements

Techcrunch recently wrote about PPP here. Payperpost is finally requiring postings to be identified as paid for postings. This is quite a change for Payperpost, and is something that many bloggers will feel more comfortable when they do blog advertising. Once guidelines are promoted, this blogger will be happy to conform to the new policy. I believe that… Read More »