Out with Kodak, In with Lumix

I have already done my Christmas shopping for myself . 😀

I recently lost my Kodak Camera C360 with batteries and New 2GB SD ram card… so with the holidays approaching, and no way to take pictures for my family or my blog readers or for my students, I was faced with a difficult choice: keep looking or give up and buy a new one!

Today, I’m announcing that for me Christmas has come early : with my purchase of a Panasonic Lumix DMC. I’d have used a Panasonic coupon code to buy one from CouponChief.com, but I was dumb. I didn’t really think about doing that. Instead I ran out to the store, asked an attendant who wasn’t so well informed, didn’t manage to get extra batteries, either; and didn’t get a discount!

Instead, I could have got a FREE SDRam card with 256MB or 512MB of space for those shots. Or I could have checked out the Sony Store with the Sony deals and got upto 15% off some deals on their camera products.

Consider that I paid nearly $300 for my camera, either of these deals would have been quite sweet. In one case, I might have saved nearly $45 for use on other presents! So, if you are a cautious spender at Christmas, then checking out CouponChief before swiping might be a good way to ease your Christmas burden, find good presents, and all without leaving your computer!


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