BuzzFEST #2: 33 is the new 23 – From wife carrying contests to digi-cams to Beckham!

Well, I don’t quite get the title, but perhaps that’s because I’m not 23 or 33! Jerry has volunteered to be #3 in this month’s buzz your BlogFest. His blog focuses a lot on the outdoor life, esp. with his interest in sports, skiing and is well worth skimming through. Here are some of the posts I found and enjoyed especially:


Couple of suggestions for Jerry: Do consider the visual aspect of your blog and how that will impact your readers. This will affect how long people stay on your blog:

  1. Do please consider changing your theme and make it more distinctive;

  2. don’t put light colored text against a dark background (It doesn’t make for easy reading);

  3. and your sidebar has more than 25 individual elements in it, trim that number, if you can!

  4. Do consider trimming the sheer number of posts on the front page, I stopped counting when I got past fifteen posts. Most people place a maximum of ten posts on the front page.

Hope you find these suggestions useful. Overall, I like the bold pictures that you include from time to time, and, though I’m not a football fan, I was intrigued to read about David Beckham’s career. That was interesting how you put paid to the notion that Beckham was all washed up in soccer! I’m always the optimist but I was puzzled about Beckham’s career move.

If you’d like a blogbuzz, like Jerry’s, then hop on over to buzz your BlogFest, read the instructions, and sign up today. There are only 27 buzzes to go, and 23 days!

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