Mozilla and a Flock of SongBirds: Developments in Browsers

Firefox was quite a development in its own right, but with its origins in OpenSource, it has spurred some interesting developments of its own. First there was Flock and now there is SongBird. Read about them.

Flock is a browser based on Mozilla technology. It is a web browser for Social Web Era, with support for RSS feeds inbuilt, photos, videos, blogging, uploading, etc. Currently version is available. Of course, as with FF, it’s multi-platform, multi-language, with versions in many languages, and support for Windows, Mac, Linux. Like FF, it is also extensible, skinnable and can work online and offline. I’m particularly interested in versions for my new CRUZER!


The second is SongBird which relies on Mozilla technology, but follows the same principles using, the developers at SongBird have created a browser as a “desktop Web player, a digital jukebox and Web browser mash-up. Like Winamp, it supports extensions and skins feathers.” Like FF and Flock, it is multi-platform and will, likely, be multi-language, but it hasn’t been released except as a ‘developer’s version.’ Its expected launch date is 2008.


Are you aware of any other Browser developments? How is Firefox or Mozilla being used to develop new products? Comments, please…